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What I wish to achieve with The Growth Riddle.

Many a people who meet me ask me why ‘The Growth Riddle’ when I should be happy and satisfied with the work I have done so far in the space of Early Years Education in the past 20+years. It’s time I retired and took things easy now. Well, to tell you the truth I have retired from a regular job and I am taking it easy in comparison to a full time job. But if retiring means to let all I have learnt go to seed then I am not willing and I do not want to retire..

Many a people who meet me ask me why ‘The Growth Riddle’ when I should be happy and satisfied with the work I have done so far in the space of Early Years Education in the past 20+ years. It’s time I retired and took things easy now. Well, to tell you the truth I have retired from a regular job and I am taking it easy in comparison to a full-time job. But if retiring means to let all I have learnt go to seed then I am not willing and I do not want to retire. What I have learnt in my journey as a preschool educator, I now wish to share with all who would like to hear and read me. I have seen parents struggling with dilemmas and confusion. I have seen children suffer because of these dilemmas and confusions. I have seen relationships between parents and children and between spouses sour only because of these confusions and dilemmas. I would like to make suggestions to help them with these dilemmas and confusion.


The Growth Riddle hopes to reach out to parents who wish for a better relationship with their children and as a family. By conducting ‘Parent Seminars’ under ‘Positive Parenting Programme’ where in child – centric topics will be touched upon with the latest research findings and help resolve these dilemmas and confusions. The aim is to help families spend some enjoyable and joyous time together to create and cherish happy memories for a lifetime.


For those who are looking for a more in-depth understanding of their particular situation, I do conduct, on appointment basis, one on one ‘Parent Talks’.


In the past 37+ years as an educator, I have seen changes in the teaching profession and what schools expect from their teachers. I have similarly noticed that teaching has reduced to being a job where you come and dispense some information to children and feel happy about doing your duty. Teaching is not and can never be just a job. A good teacher is someone who transcends beyond just doling out information that in today’s world is available at a click of a button. Yet, I know a number of teachers – though the number is far less than desirable – who are in the true sense teachers and not just doing their job. So that gives me hope. I am also painfully aware that there are a number of institutes churning out ill-equipped teachers especially in the preschool sector, as there are no government rules, regulations or minimum stipulations that govern these institutes. Unfortunately, these teachers feel they have learnt all that they require being preschool teachers. But the truth is far from it. And they realise this only when they take up a teaching position and are sitting in front of 20-30 students. Again, it is the children who suffer. And that is not acceptable to me. I am an advocate for children or rather I am an advocate of joyful childhood as I see the joy in today’s child is dwindling. Everyone is aware of it parents, schools, teachers but very few are doing anything about it. It has become convenient to say, “But it is the demand of today’s social structure. There is so much competition.”


I dream of schools that are places where we see happy and smiling children, joyous and satisfied teachers. The Growth Riddle is my small effort in bringing this joy and satisfaction in the lives of the teachers and children. With that in mind, ‘The Growth Riddle’ brings 30 hours – 6 hours a day – Monday to Friday of intense training session to make teachers classroom-ready. These sessions are open to all in training teachers and in-service teachers, who wish to upgrade their knowledge, improve their technique and approach.


My sole endeavour via ‘The Growth Riddle’ is to bring back the joy in as many children’s childhoods as possible and see the smiles in their eyes. I do believe that we can change the sorry situation of struggling parents and child relationship even if it means one child at a time.

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