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Annie Besant – Truly a Global Soul

Annie Besant, Irish women, who has greatly contributed to the progress of Indian Society! She was born at a time when women had very little say in any matters. However her mother had inculcated in her a strong sense of duty to society. She was an independent thinking woman – who believed in finding the truth and doing right by whomever she fought for and whatever she did.

She came to India in 1883; since then till she passed over in 1933 she championed a cause of human
freedom and worked towards her goal with her actions and writing. She was a freedom fighter, an
educationist, a philanthropist, and an author. Whatever she did she did with full conviction and it helped her to take forward her aim of ‘Human Freedom’.

A few highlights –

As an educationist she started a school for boys in Varanasi – The Central Hindu College – with the aim of creating a new leadership for India. Soon she followed it up by building a school for girls on similar pattern. The students here studied both the Hindu Scriptures and Modern Science. Thus helping students to understand their own heritage and what was happening the latest in the world at that time. She whole heartedly participated in the Indian freedom struggle and totally believed in the thought of the ‘Home Rule League Movement’ and helped it spread it across India by starting a division of the League in Chennai.
An accomplished Orator and author she enthused Indian youth and journalists to fight for and write
strong articles denouncing the action taken by the British to curb the freedom movement.

Her thinking mind and studies about various religions to truly understand them lead her to write a book titled ‘Seven Great Religions’ which spoke about the core teachings of each of those religions. In an era where each religion was trying to prove superiority over the other Annie – a devout Christian translated the Hindu Scripture Bhagavat gita in English in 1905. This brings to light her curious and thinking mind and her global approach and belief in the good in every religion and her belief of self rule. When the British refused to accept the Indian Scouts She founded the Indian Scouts movement and did such exemplary work that the British had to recognise the Indian Scouts and make them a part of the International Scouts outfit.
It was in an era when women were not considered good for anything but looking after the house and
children Annie Besant Moved from Ireland to India and did everything she could for Human Freedom.
Annie Besant is and will always be heralded as truly ‘A GLOBAL SOUL!’

purnima shetye

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