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Importance of the Role of a Teacher in Early Years

I believe teachers cannot be made – one has to have it within oneself – Yes, we can improve and learn new things and ways of imparting knowledge but a teacher’s call is beyond just imparting knowledge. A teacher is someone who educates her pupils for life and not just to get good percentage or good grades to go to the next class. Passion for creating the future of this world needs to be the focus of every educator. A preschool teacher plays a crucial role in the formative years of a child. Being the first formal teacher of a child a teacher should be always remembered for making a difference in every child’s early years. Transition from home to school is a very sensitive time and an emotional rollercoaster ride for each child. A teacher, who wears a big smile on her face, shows eagerness to welcome and an acceptance of the child into the class is the first winning step for the child into this new and strange world. The teacher should be able to make this transition smooth so children happily look forward to take the learning journey further. Soon the child begins to associate school with the teacher. This intricate bond between the teacher and the child is very unique and it will depend on the teacher how beautiful this bond should be.

The method of teaching is as important as the content. It is through ‘play’ that a child learns to engage and interact with the world around. This is where the teacher should make it more engaging and interesting by integrating play in learning. A teacher should be a support and a guide in the learning journey. A teacher should extend learning by inquiry, appreciate the effort and not just the outcome. This will make learning interesting but will in-still confidence and love for learning. Children learn from their environment by observing and interacting with their surroundings. A teacher must therefore create an environment which will develop children holistically and not just academically to make a lifelong difference in every child. She must create a lasting impression on each child’s life by her loving and caring nature. She therefore needs to play a variety of roles. Sometimes she needs to be a disciplinarian, a mother, a confidant, a guru, a mentor, a trainer, a nurse and a friend. Each child is different therefore a teacher needs to adapt to different skills and strategies to make learning an endearing experience. A eacher is one who reaches out to each child and makes learning effortless and makes sure all children are happy being in school for those few hours away from home. She must have a listening ear and reach out to each child which making the child feel cared for and loved.

To sum up I quote our very own President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam – “Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, calibre and future of an individual. If people remember me as a good teacher that will be the biggest honour for me.”

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