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Importance of Physical Activities in Early Years

We all are well aware that first five years or as they are referred to Early Years are of utmost important for a holistic development of every individual. It is in these initial years that major developments take place. Research bears testimony that physical activity in young children aids to enhance learning, concentration, motivation and their general wellbeing. As they grow, they show much eagerness and curiosity to explore their immediate surroundings – people, objects and the environment they interact with. During the whole journey of exploration children imbibe developmental skills which are required for growth and overall development like Physical Skills, Social Skills, Emotional Skills and language Skills etc.

Children are not geared to sit still – they are discovering their physical self, the strength they have and what their limbs can do – thus physical activity or Active Play contributes hugely in the learning process.

Physical Skills include – gross motor skills, fine motor skills, body balancing and eye had co-ordination, manipulative strength, agility etc.

Running, jumping, hopping, climbing, dancing, etc. help in large muscle development, balancing, bodily co-ordination, spatial awareness, confidence etc. Fine motor activities like colouring, painting, pasting, paper tearing, paper crumbling, sorting, pouring, lacing etc. takes care of finger development and makes children’s finger muscles stronger and aids in better writing skills, accuracy, two handed co-ordination etc. which also opens new doors to creative expression.

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