About us

What is The Growth Riddle?

We are a go-to organization for all ‘Early Years’ solutions. We truly believe in guiding parents and schools to create the most nourishing environment. The Growth Riddle focuses strongly on providing the most fulfilling childhood possible for children everywhere.

We choose to focus on the fact that values, culture and skills a child learns in their first five years of life reflect on the rest of their lives.
At the core, The Growth Riddle focuses on bringing back the wonder and carefree-ness that was once the very definition of childhood.
We believe that children should grow and flourish in an environment that encourages learning as a part of their daily lives without taking away the fun element.

What does The Growth Riddle offer?

We provide a platform that gives schools, teachers and parents the best tools possible to make the Early Years of Every child’s life memorable and impactful in every aspect.


Schools :
We set up child friendly schools. The curriculum, the infrastructure as well as the culture and attitude followed in these schools are tailored to focus on the needs of the children to be educated to live and not just learn enough to go to the next grade.


Teachers :
We train and truly empower teachers to engage with children to help create a childhood filled with learning, fun, and wonder.


Parents :
We believe in making the complex task of parenting as simplified and enjoyable as possible to guide parents to create magical moments and watch their children change the world as they grow.


Ms. Purnima Shetye

A passionate and an exuberant individual who has dedicated 38 years of her life to Education! She truly found her passion when, 22 years back, for the first time she entered an Early Years Classroom as a teacher. Soon she had the opportunity to get trained by senior Professionals from Singapore’s Eton House International Preschool and interact and observe Reggio Emilia facilitators. This helped her successfully integrate and implement various teaching philosophies and methodologies to be able to connect to students as individuals in the classroom.

She continues to champion the cause of young children by creating a rich, engaging movement based, dynamic curriculum. Her innovative approach and consistently evolving global teaching practice helps teachers deliver this dynamic curriculum with ease. Having been inspired by Reggio Emilia she paid great attention to the classroom environment as “Environment is the Third Teacher” – Loris Malaguzzi, in the National and International Pre-schools she pioneered.
She has a knack of combining her innate people skills with her scholastic skills to create educational solutions. She has successfully conducted Professional Development Programs to empower preschool teachers on effective and innovative ways of classroom management, ongoing continuous assessment of students, report writing and communicating with parents. This has helped prepare teachers who have then gone on to become Principals of various schools or are successfully running their own Pre-schools.
“Nurturing, warm, and responsive parent–child relationships and parental participation in child- centred activities relate to positive learning outcomes in early childhood.” With focus on this belief she effectively conducts workshops to support and guide parents to confidently navigate the often demanding marvel that is parenthood.

Keeping children’s safety and parental ease in mind she had created a parent’s forum to network and assist during emergencies for quick response and smooth functioning.

August 2015 saw Purnima setup her own company ‘The Growth Riddle’ with the sole aim of reaching out to all stake holders dealing with Early Years children – Parents, teachers and the schools to create an environment in which children will thrive and will create happy memories.

Work Experience & Key Achievements

St. Ursula School

Experience :


Taught std IX & X English and History


Symbiosis ELTIS

Experience :


Taught English to Foreign Students who wished to take up studies at the University of Pune

Primrose Nursery School

Considered the best pre-school in Pune of that time, it moved away from the rote learning method and implemented play-way and thematic approaches. She earned her first opportunity to engage with pre-school children, learning and enjoyed her first Pre-school teaching role!


Experiences :
  • In-charge of the Playgroup and Nursery class
  • To create an environment that would facilitate early settling and learning for the 2 and 3 year olds
  • Settled the tiny tots quickly with innovative ideas
  • Made learning positive, enjoyable and exciting helping them develop various skills

Gurukul School

Experiences :
  • Teaching English and History to STD IV & VI
  • Teaching English to students of STD I – X, Successfully improved children’s knowledge, vocabulary and spoken and written expression with play-way method and innovative approach
  • Made learning enjoyable stress free for students thus achieving excellent results

Indira Kids

Achievements :
  • Founder Principal
  • Put the school’s system and culture in place which was emulated by other schools later
  • In 2006 started a new branch and within a year it reached its full capacity
  • Interviewed, recruited and trained administrative staff and teachers
  • Created and maintained a positive and effective learning environment that took the student strength from 17 students in the first year to full capacity – 420 students in the third year
  • Created and compiled workbooks, activity books and reader books for children aged 2-5 years
  • Successfully conducted and managed workshops for parents and teachers on various child centric topics of parental concern

Vivero International School



Achievements :
  • Choosing the property, creating infrastructural changes to convert a residential bungalow into one of the best pre-school in Pune
  • Setting up entire school which included recruiting and training staff
  • Took the strength of the school in the very first year to 73 students with 45% expatriate students with 14 different nationalities
  • Successfully conducted workshops and training sessions for teachers to successfully implement the required curriculum with Reggio Emilia and enquiry-based approach
  • Successfully managed innovative approaches in the school whilst merging an Indian school curriculum with the international school curriculum by implementing a dynamic and consistently evolving global teaching practice. This helped to achieve benefits in three ways – It brought in incremental enrolment of Indian students, gave more opportunities to local population to gain access to international education and gave the teachers the confidence to experiment with innovative and international teaching strategies

The Learning Curve

This profile offered her an opportunity to use her years of experience as a founder Principal to set up and manage several centers for the company. She also had the opportunity to implement and train teachers to successfully carry out Multiple Intelligence Curriculum in the class.


Achievements :
  • Set up the first centre and in the coming months to set up a number of other centres for the preschool chain
  • To market the school and counsel parents on the curriculum to be followed and the methodology to be implemented
  • Interviewing, recruiting and training Administrative and Teaching Staff










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