School Set-up

Turnkey Projects

Expert support to create your dream school into the perfect child-centric reality. We help build your school from ground up – giving suggestions for infrastructure and interior, mapping out policies and operating procedures for the school to follow to establish a strong working core. We also assist in choosing and procuring teaching aids to ensure the most enriching environment for the brilliant little minds that will walk through the doors of your school. We offer a complete package!

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Upgrading Schools

Give us the opportunity to take the school you have so lovingly and thoughtfully built and give it that extra child-centric edge. Our experts can help tweak and mould everything from the curriculum to the layout of the school to best suit toddlers’ needs. We help you to procure or to make top of the line teaching aids. We can create core policies for smooth running of your school as well as train staff to help get the school an edge over other competitors. It will be our privilege to ensure that the great minds of tomorrow are nurtured in an environment that is customized to their needs.

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Administrative Support

The bridge that connects the two most important aspects of a toddler’s life – their parents and the school – is the administrative staff. We strive to ensure that the administrative staff is able to cater to the needs of parents and be able to effectively communicate the school culture and liaise efficiently between parent and school. We offer administrative support by the way of staff training, setting up admin systems, developing processes for smooth functioning which helps enrich the overall school experience for both the parent and the toddler.

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The backbone of a school is the curriculum it follows. We believe in equipping our pre-school teachers with a combination of various teaching methodologies and philosophies.

We provide 2 methods of establishing a curriculum

– We can develop an in depth day to day plan for teachers to follow in which we not only demonstrate what the activities are but also illustrate how to implement and conduct these activities so that specific skills can be well learnt by children.

– We can also develop a comprehensive frame-work that will allow teachersto be trained to create holistic lesson plans.

They will also be equipped with a complete understanding of the distinct skills that preschoolers need and will ensure that teachers can successfully execute the lesson plans they create.

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