Positive Parenting

Parent Talks

Awareness talks with the latest research findings on child centric topics.
Talks given my Purnima to guide and help the parents to create a more conducive environment for both parent and children.

Individual Chats

In depth talk with Ms. Purnima Shetye about your child / concerns. Get tips to resolve your troublesome situations.

Parent - Children Workshops

Workshops for parents and children together – these will have a series of activities that both parents and children do together and thus improve the interaction, communication and bonding with each other. Sessions will be for 1 1/2 hour duration with a minimum of 3 activities.


Smiling Schools :)

Upgrading Schools

Infrastructure / curriculum / teaching / non teaching staff training / policy making / SOPs - a system driven schools as against person driven or leader driven school.

Administrative Development

Drafting SOPs and policies, drafting customised documents and forms for schools.

CRT - Classroom Ready Teacher

Classroom Ready Teacher workshops / training programs.

Developing Curriculum

Providing an overall syllabus and a day to day curriculum. Curriculum can be customised to the needs and requirements of the school.


A continuous support to the school on retainer-ship basis by a mutually decided schedule can be provided in any or all of the above mentioned services.

Infrastructure Development

Creating spaces for optimum use for children's activity and teaching. Creating child friendly spaces where children will be able to learn in a safe and friendly environment.


Teacher training / Administrative staff training / support staff training.










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